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First person combat set during the Victorian era




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Renaissance Heroes is a first person online action game that is set in renaissance Europe, during the middle of the sixteenth century, where weaponry has evolved much more quickly than any other technology. For this reason, society has created a series of deadly tournaments in order to feed their appetites for war.

The style of Renaissance Heroes is similar to the style of other online games such as ‘Unreal Tournament’ and ‘Quake III: Arena.’ The game involves quickly moving through scenes, jumping off platforms, power-ups scattered throughout the game, and tons of weaponry for both, hand to hand and distance combat.

The game has eight different characters that offer certain advantages and disadvantages. The abilities of the characters will suit different types of players. One of the characters, for example, will allow you to easily make headshots with the use of a crossbow.

Renaissance Heroes has a fair number of play modes that will allow up to 12 players to simultaneously fight against each other. The modes include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Seize the Scrolls, Touchdown and Domination.

Renaissance Heroes is a fun, first person, action game. Thanks to Unreal Engine 3 technology and superb artistry the game is very visually appealing, especially when you consider that it is a free game.
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